Dr. Wong and his staff are amazing in everything they do. We are very happy with the service provided to my daughter. Thank you.

Rawan is bar none the best receptionist in any medical facility in town. She deserves to be recognized for her exceptional approach. Always friendly, always efficient and all around fantastic.

We are now back to Dr Wong with our second son. I cannot say enough good things about him. His customer service is exceptional and his work is meticulous. I would highly recommend him and his team.

Just went for a consultation today from start to finish I had a great experience, the women at the Front desk was amazing she went over and beyond to make sure I was taken care of and the vibe between staff members and Dr are very positive and I was also given a realistic expectations along with honest opinions exerting all options I should take. I would defiantly recommend Dr Wong and his Team to anyone in the GTA!

We are fairly new patients of Dr. Wong’s. We have completed our consultation and have now started the pre-work before the braces. I think we have been in 6 or so times.
The first couple of times I went in I thought – Wow these people are really nice. Thinking it was to just get my business. But now that we have been in several times – its the exact same way every time. From Dr. Wong, to the hygienists or the receptionist. Everyone is absolutely fantastic.
They are professional, polite, the office is super clean, always on time, takes the time you need for your appointment.
If you need an orthodontist this is definitely the place to some.
Thank you Dr. Wong and staff…. you are absolutely outstanding.

Dr. Wong and his staff are truly an amazing, friendly, caring group of people. The day before family day this year, near the end of the day, my son had broken his braces. I put the wax on the sharp parts and my son went to bed. At that time I sent Dr. Wong a text to see what I should do. Fast forward a few hours and my son was sitting in a chair in front of Dr. Wong on Family Day. He took the time away from his family and opened his practice to fix my sons braces. I did not ask. He offered. This is the kind of person Dr. Wong is. He and his staff truly care about their patients. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone who may be looking for an orthodontist. You won’t find any one better than Dr. Wong!

Dr. Wong is absolutely amazing. His soft spoken, gentle and friendly manner makes you feel comfortable. He is always punctual and is extremely thorough when delivering information to his patients. He did a fantastic job on my son’s teeth. I have also never experienced a doctor like him who every year remembered my son’s birthday and sent him a birthday giftcard. Very generous and thoughtful of him. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get their teeth fixed. No regrets with Dr. Wong. Thank you for a fabulous job and a wonderful experience over the last 2 years. – The De Melo Family (Kyle)

Dr. Wong and his team are wonderful at what they do. The whole client experience from the moment you walk in the door, to the treatment and all things associated with it is extremely friendly and efficient. The appointments start at the scheduled time and the clinic experience is wonderful. Dr. Wong also cared very much to ensure that the end Smile is exactly what I wanted, irrespective of how long the treatment takes. I have already recommended other clients to Dr. Wong and they too have similar sentiments.
The best professional services experience I have come across. Thank you Dr. Wong and his team

I am sooo incredibly blessed to have found Dr. Wong! Let’s just say my teeth have been pretty stubborn:)), but Dr. Wong’s care, patience, and just work overall had been far above what I was hoping for! Their entire team is wonderful – you never feel rushed, they always listen to your concerns, answer any question you have and you never feel like you bother them! I HIGHLY recommend them to all my friends and family! You won’t regret going with Dr. Lyndon Wong! p.s. I’m gonna miss my chats with Anna, their amazing receptionist!

Dr. Wong and his staff are so amazing – friendly, calming and professional. I chose to wear lingual braces (which I didn’t even know was an option until visiting Dr. Wong) – these are braces worn on the inside of the teeth. Dr. Wong and his team perfected my smile for my wedding and no one even knew I was wearing braces on the big day! Also, working in Toronto Monday through Friday, all of my appointments occurred on Saturdays which I found extremely accommodating. I HIGHLY recommend OC Milton! (P.S. I’ll miss our chats Anna and Laura!)

Anyone who is considering treatment/ braces from Dr. Wong will not be disappointed. My daughter had a fall on Wednesday night and damaged her front tooth our dentist felt she should be seen right away by an Orthodontist. She called Dr. Wong at 5:00 and by 6:50 we sitting in front of Dr. Wong. I can’t say enough about the professionalism of Dr. Wong and his staff. They may have saved my daughter’s tooth and I am super grateful they made the time to see her and explain the process in detail to us both. My son may need braces soon…now I know where to take him. Thanks again!

Thank you Dr. Wong and staff for your sage advices, friendly services, professionalism, and most of all, our children’s beautiful smiles!! You are simply the best!!

My daughter got her braces today. Have nothing but good things to say about Dr Wong and his staff. They are very friendly and professional. I highly recommend this office for all your orthodontic needs.

I have to say I came into this office to get an estimate to straighten out my teeth and I was a bit nervous as I am an adult and wasn’t sure if that was the route I wanted to go, I spoke with a female at the front who told me about her experience with braces and convinced me with her that that is exactly what I should get done. I met Dr.Wong and I was extremely satisfied with everything he suggested and I can’t believe how nice and caring he is. He called me the day before my appointment to welcome me to his office. I am thrilled at the service offered here! Has to be the best office in Milton!

My son just got his braces on last Friday and being a little anxious, Dr Wong’s staff was AMAZING at keeping him cool and calm and able to get through the procedure. A big thank you for making him feel comfortable. Every time we have been to the office, all of the staff is super friendly, welcoming and genuinely caring. So glad we are with Dr Wong and his staff for this journey!!! Highly recommend!

I can’t say enough about how wonderful Dr. Wong and all the staff are! They were very attentive and so friendly every time we walked in the office. We never waited long for our appointments but we wouldn’t have minded because their waiting room has things to keep you occupied! Dr. Wong was spot on with the estimate for how long my son would have his braces on!

My son had his palatal expander and braces done with Dr Wong. His chair side manor and professionalism cant be beat. My son was very pleased and now smiles without his hand in front of his mouth. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Dr. Wong treats each and every patient like family. He is very thorough, gentle, patient, accommodating, and friendly. He truly appreciates each person that walks through the door and makes everyone feel at home. He even provides his own number for emergencies, now tell me a doctor who does that?! You can see the passion and friendliness in all the staff members, it may sound like I’m exaggerating but I’m not, you won’t go anywhere else once you’ve gone here, all my questions are always answered and the attention to detail and quality of service is amazing. I’m lucky I found this place :D. Highly recommend, I’ve sent a few people here who won’t go elsewhere, got my Invisalign done here.